Reflecting on the times, by Rene Milner

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This has been some interesting times. As I tried to write this pondering my mind just kept drifting to current events. There has been so much going on as of late.  Everything within me wanted to avoid talking about current events. To me there was something wrong and very superficial to talk about the most recent happenings or the divisions in our world and our country. Trying to come up with a more “spiritual” topic, I turned over and over to the Scriptures. I went to my daily reading, my mind turned back to the troubled times. I looked for direction in the Psalms and Proverbs (a solid place I go when I am looking to hear from God). I reflected on some of the most recent talks I have heard but they definitely took me back to life in the current events. Even reviewing the most recent sermon made me think “If God is my husband and truly my God” what does any of this mean. I didn’t seem to have any profound thoughts. So much is going on around and yet all the reading and pondering didn’t seem to give me any great answers or even stir up passion for a cause. It feels kind of numb. Is there something wrong with me that I don’t get passionate about the things happening around me? Am I being careless and callus? It all sounds meaningless. I used to look at the things around me and somehow that made me get passionate for a cause or even direct my eyes to what I thought were solutions. I wonder if my loss of fire is something medical. Then like so many of us I blame myself. Maybe I have not spent enough quiet time or been reading enough? Maybe I have sinned in some way and God is silent? OK enough of that. God is not some sort of petulant friend who gets angry and gives us the silent treatment. He has been and will always BE. There for you. In whatever times you are going through. Like there is nothing new under the sun.

Now I understand. I am not numb. I am secure. As I look at the current events I find no answers, but if I turn to Him in each current event the answer is plain and I don’t have to look any further. Illness and disease God has the answer. He will comfort and heal us, even if the physical healing is not in this life. Fear and Anxiety we only have to turn to Him and cast all of our cares on Him and He will give us inestimable peace and a Rock of security. Oppression? There is only one oppressor and the answer for him no matter what person, gang or nation he speaks through is the Cross of Christ and the power of The Blood that cures the hearts of those he has entangled. Wrongful accusation? Our worth is not in what others think of us but in the Love that He has for us that He would send His one and only Son to die for us that we might be with Him and be loved by Him forever. Anger? We covet and we steal and destroy. We have not because we ask not or we ask with a desire to spend on ourselves which is not in our best interests. He gives us all good things and none of the things we think we need. Hatred? It is impossible for the person of God to hate anyone. We love. We love because He is love and He first loved us and we are called to reflect His image and to love one another. Evil people? What people aren’t? We are all evil. There are only those that the Spirit enlightens and those that are still in darkness. Perhaps those in darkness need to see something different. It will never be more things, better positions or more respect from a people or nations. It is Jesus. It has always been and will always be that we are a corruption of the image of God and only the heart of God can change the heart of any of us to begin to do the things of God that make us in small way reflect the image of God to give in some small yet real way a glimpse of the true light into the darkness. That is what solves these “current events”. That light is the life of all men.

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain. They are not railing against me, they are railing against the Lord and against His Anointed One. I think I get it now? There truly is nothing new under the sun. I can’t get all excited and wound up about the events around me? Why? Because as I wanted to write about them there really was nothing new and exciting to say. Jesus has this all figured out. The plan is moving on exactly as it should. I am to fear nothing for He is there comforting me and all that is left to really do is to try and shine a little light, maybe even just a glimmer of light into this dark world. Remember it is His light and if you have ever been in a truly dark place, you know what very little light it takes to cut through the darkness and show others the true place they are standing.  Praise be to God our Light and our Salvation.


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