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Partnership Process

Are you interested in becoming a partner of New Life Christian Community? Many churches have membership. We call it partnership. You are not a member of a club here at NLCC. We bear the load together to glorify Jesus Christ. That is not to say you have to become a partner in order to do that. In God’s family you become a partner when you come to know Jesus Christ as your savior. However, if you want to invest in this body; you want to be held accountable in this body; you want people to be able to correct you; you want to be able to participate in a much deeper way here because we are committed to do God’s work here together, we have a simple process you can go through. That’s what partnership is all about. If you want to become a partner here are the steps to doing this:

1.Make it known to one of the elders & schedule a meeting with him.

2. Spend some time getting to know the leadership here and make sure you agree with us and our constitution.

3. Share your testimony with the elder or pastor that you are meeting with. In partnership, it is important that we can say, with confidence, that you have given your life over to Jesus Christ.  If you are thinking you don’t really have a testimony, that you don’t really know Jesus, then we suggest you get to know Him and come to us with questions you have.

4. When we know that you are our brother or sister in Christ and that you want to partner with us then we will sign a covenant together.

Listen to this short audio clip of Pastor Tony explaining our partnership process on a Sunday morning:

Here is the Partnership Covenant that the partners of New Life Christian Community prayerfully enter into during partnership.