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Local Outreach

Local outreach ought to be a fruit of the inward working of the priesthood of all believers. We firmly believe that local outreach is something that is happening – without the contriving programs of the “church.”  We wholeheartedly believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the hearts of the saints in order to lead, equip and empower each believer to enacting the effects of the gospel in every day life.

As such, if we were to list all the local outreach happening in and through the Body of Christ, we would find that one page on our website would be insufficient.  As partner of the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is an unspoken expectation (not from us but from God) that we are engaging in ministry on a daily basis. The Lord puts His people where they are for His purposes. We don’t have the wisdom to make such decisions.

We would also be remiss not to mention that ministry of the invisible church among us.  What we mean by the invisible church – is to say that “New Life Christian Community” is not the only title under which she exists. No. instead, we see that the Body of Christ cuts across “church communities” and is found wherever there are those who have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thus, the local outreach among the church of Christ in the St. Croix River Valley includes the ministries of those gospel centered, Bible believing churches/Christians.

Praise God for the ministry of the many church gatherings around us. We are excited to partner in the gospel with all those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as the only one who saves.

Only Jesus.