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The Grays!

We are Patrick and Debbie Gray

We are Patrick and Debbie Gray and we are serving as TEAM missionaries in Thailand.  Debbie is originally from northern Wisconsin, and Patrick is from Indiana, but we first met far away from the Midwest while we were both in Thailand!  After we were married, we served together in the city of Chiang Mai for two years where we partnered with a Christian social foundation called the Family Connection Foundation (FCF).  FCF has more than fifteen projects throughout the country and contributes to a variety of needs within Thai society. We worked with a community center and witnessed first hand how effective this type of holistic ministry is for communicating the gospel in Thailand.  We look forward to returning to Thailand soon, now as a family of three, where we will continue to work with FCF, serving Thai society and sharing the love of Christ in word and deed with those whom we work.

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