Our 3–4-year-old children will have the pleasure of being taught by Sandy Erickson. The curriculum she will be using is one of our favorites (get a copy from the Resource Center if you don’t yet have it) The Jesus Storybook Bible. Your kids will be exhorting you of Jesus, “every story whispers His name.”

Our beloved PreK-K kiddos will be taught by Carly Peikert (who also happens to be overseeing our Children’s ministries! Please thank, bless, encourage, and pray for Carly throughout this year. She has done so much in preparing for the Immerse season already). Carly will be using the great curriculum called He Has Spoken by His Son. Essentially, whereas The Jesus Storybook Bible gives the larger narrative of Scripture, this study focusses on the life of Jesus as told to us in the gospels.

Our sharp 1-2 graders will be taught by the stellar team – Dan and Danielle Panik. Having taught this class before, Dan and Danielle will be a great blessing to our kids as they work through The ABCs of God. In this class, our kids will be honing their understanding of who God is, what His character is like, and how we should respond to Him.

Our 3-4 grade children have the distinct pleasure of being taught by Jim Judkins. As these kiddos are growing in their walk with Christ, they will be studying a curriculum that dives deep into who God is, what He has accomplished in Jesus and what it means to be a believer (spoiler alert…the name of the curriculum is To be Like Jesus). This deep study will challenge your child (in a good way) and open their eyes to concepts that we would all do well to learn.

Our 5-6 grade bunch will be, once again, taught by two lovely ladies, Sara Gallagher and Mindy Havlish. With a passion for Jesus, Sara and Mindy are excited to be returning to the study called How Majestic is Your Name. This powerful study goes through many of the names of God found in Scripture. In so doing, our kids will be learning more and more of the great and awesome God we serve. By God’s nomenclature, His character is revealed.

Our 7-12 graders will be taught by Pastor Chandler. This Immerse season will be beginning with a grounding study wherein our students are brought, proposition by proposition, through the New Life Statement of Faith. These are the non-negotiables of what we believe at New Life Christian Community. It’s sure to be an important study that you’ll want your young adult to be part of.

The adults, collectively, will be engaging in a study called The God Who is There: Finding Your Place in God’s Story. This is a study that I believe every follower of Jesus Christ ought to go through. It is a fantastic overview of the larger narrative of God’s Word. Often we look at Scripture as a discombobulated dif cult collections of writings. Yet, Scripture is a cohesive unit. It is designed beautifully for our understanding of Who God is. God is here, and He is not silent. This study, based on a book (which you can purchase in the Resource Center if you would like supplemental information) and will be structured around a series of lectures by D.A. Carson (video) and a time of discussion led by me (Pastor Tony). I would challenge every reader of this Newsletter to consider joining. The study assumes almost no prior knowledge of Christianity and will also speak profoundly to the most mature among us.

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