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Travis and Paula Barton

Travis and Paula Barton

Our Family

One of the best dynamics is our family is in ministry together. We have a daughter, Tori, now age 13 and our Son, Ryan, age 10. They are our best helpers!

Our History

Often in life the direction God leads His servants, is in a direction they least expect and in conditions they don’t anticipate….so that His glory will be made known. We had no intentions of becoming missionaries…. yet in our desire for obedience to the Lord this path has been unavoidable. Our first assignment was in Mexico at the peak of the drug war in 2012.

Within the first two months in the field one of our partner churches was hit by the cartel and two members taken for ransom. We quickly found ourselves ministering into a desperate situation. It wasn’t long before God began opening other doors to minister to those who were hurting. Numerous communities throughout the country shared common hardships…lost husbands, sons and daughters from the violence and hand of the cartels. We had opportunities to reach the military, and police who often were engaged in combat against the cartels. God opened doors into the state of Chiapas, an area our brothers and sister in Christ face persecution.  During these years many have come to know Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission

In recent years we transitioned and began work on the Texas/Mexico border. In an area called Rio Grande Valley…. It accounts for nearly 50% of the illegal entries into the United States. Numerous nationalities are pouring in…. and they all have one thing in common: They are seeking hope. Hope of a better job, home, safety, opportunity etc.…. Yet this is the great deception….it is not the riches of this world that will satisfy and make whole. It is not the riches of the United States that will bring hope and peace, but rather, an encounter with Jesus Christ. Our focus in ministry is not to ease suffering or provide things but rather bring the hope of Jesus Christ. What will it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?

Moving Forward

The conditions on the border continue to deteriorate and there is not enough space in this letter to begin to express the dynamics of ministry. The entry into the US has grown to about 1,000 – 1,500 daily just in the area we are working. The border area is not equipped to handle this volume and they have begun busing and flying much of this population into other parts of the country. God has opened some doors and placed it on our hearts to expand our ministry into Wisconsin and Minnesota and begin an effort reaching the Hispanic population settling in these areas. 

We are beginning to seek partners in this. If you are interested in hearing more or have questions, I can be reached at the information below or can be available for an in-person meeting.

Many Blessings,

Travis and Paula Barton


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