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The Mirons

We are the Mirons

Hi! We are the Mirons. I (Will) was born and raised in St. Croix Falls and my wife Sarah and I both graduated from St. Croix Falls High School. Sarah and I and our kids Aidan, Norah and Lucy now live in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and are being called to serve long-term as missionaries to Ireland. Why Ireland? Ireland is the least reached of any English speaking country, with less than 1% evangelicals. The Roman Catholic church in Ireland is dying, and over 80% of the towns in Ireland have no gospel-preaching churches for people to turn to. Ireland desperately needs churches that proclaim ‘Only Jesus’. In August 2017 we were appointed by our missions agency, WorldVenture, and now we are in the process of being sent out as Church Planters to Galway, Ireland. All of our training is completed, so we can depart once we have the full amount of prayer and financial partners to get us there and sustain us there. We are praying to be at 100% of our commitments by Spring so that we can be on the field by Summer. Thank you all for your interest in what the Lord is doing in Ireland!

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