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The Llapushis

We are the Llapushis in Albania

Ida and I were both raised in a traditional Muslim family. When we were teenagers, we began to think and search more seriously for God. The only information that we had related to God was what we were taught fromour Muslim family’s. The first place that we began to search for God was at the mosque. We went there several times, but no one could helpus understand or experience who God was! We left the mosque and began visiting any religious institutions we could find in the to help us know and experience God.

The Lord Jesus made it possible for us to go to the Evangelical Church in a small city of Albania Gramsh. At that time, we heard for the first time about Jesus. We continually went to the church. we liked the messages, songs, and the way they treat each other. after hearing and understanding the gospel we open our hearts and invite Him in to begin a personal relationship with Him. we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior when we were teenagers.
After He saved us, we began to grow in relationship with Jesus. And from the beginning He placed a big desire inside of us to serve Him. To share the good news with the lost muslim people.We have been blessed and privileged to serve Jesus and to see many people come to him lives saved & changed through our ministry.

We love Church Planting…

One way to reach the lost muslim people is through “church planting”. We planted a church in Kosovo which is called “Impact Prishtina”. It has been a life changing experience for us and now that we are back in Albania we can’t wait to start the next church plant.

We love teaching the Bible to yang People…

We believe that the biggest investment we can do in the life of someone is to teach them the Bible & how to study and understand the Bible. because the Bible will change their life, we can’t change them the Bible can. That why we invest allot of time in teaching the Bible.

Making Disciples…

We believe that “the church is not the roots but the fruits” The roots are disciple making, we invest allot of our time in disciple making.

Jesus said…Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Matthew 28:19

Currently we are in Albania, we are getting ready to plant another church among Albanian Muslim and to start a church-planting movement among Albanian muslims in Balkan’s.

Our dream is to be a church that will impact the community around us, to help people that doesn’t know the Jesus know Him and make him known to others.

We exist to love God love people, to make disciples that makes disciple and plant churches that plant other churches.

We want to invite you to be part of God’s work here in Albania and to walk with us so together we can reach Albanian Muslim and make Jesus known among muslim communities.

Pray For us:

  1. Pray for more workers! (Mathew 9:37-38).
  2. Pray that God will provide the finances for our ministry end family expenses (Philippians4:19).

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