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Mark 9:42-50


  1. says:

    Thank u 4 ur teaching on this scripture, Mark 9:42-50! It indeed was pregnant with meaning, meaning that I heard 4 the first time today! Living Life w/God is more valuable than anything on Earth. Myself & my hand & my foot & my eye can cause me to stumble/ fail. But God will not fail me– SAFE in His ARMS. Lift Him up in my life. Walk closer. Sit longer. Glorify His Name. Glorify His Name. Glorify His Name in all the Earth! Life! Living water life! Fill me up, Lord. Fill my cup, Lord, & make me whole. God’s mercy & grace & peace abide with u this day & everyday, Pastor! Linda Rominek – Timothy’s Mom/Missy’s mother-in-law/Ember’s Nana


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