Connie Baile

How is it that I am involved with the GriefShare Ministry?  This isn’t anything that I thought I had signed up for, but maybe I did!  Well, I believe God returned me to this beautiful neck of the woods!  It was then, about 8 years ago that I met Denis when I shipped a package at his store. Our love grew deep and we married 6 1/2 months later!  6 1/2 months after that I became a widow when he died in a vehicle accident while coming home for lunch.  I looked for understanding support since I had worn out my dear family and friends. They were grieving, too. It was then that I discovered GriefShare in neighboring communities.  A few years later God would bring a GriefShare Ministry to NLCC with a handful of passionate people.  I am truly grateful for all of the facilitators as we work together, and for all the hurting people that God brings through the doors.  It is with joy and pleasure that I do what I do in God’s Strength as the lead facilitator of the GriefShare Ministry.


Hey! I am not always surrounded by grief and sorrow, tho!  Other interests are/have been:  Bible study, family, grandkids, ‘real’ food, Cheetos, walking, wading, rocks, camping, photography, mowing lawn!   Landscaping and perennial gardening (where God was wooing me).  Building a bed & breakfast (Being environmentally sensitive and my health slipping away, I needed a job I could do in my sleep! haha)  Making literally thousands of rosettes (Christmas cookies)!  I desire to paint again (Rosemaling – Norwegian oil painting on wood). I really like to watch what God does with the heavens – wild thunderstorms & blizzards!  Favorite flower: dandelions, really!  Jobs: painter, cosmetologist, church secretary, & innkeeper. Favorite devotional through the years:  “My Utmost for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers.  Life verse: “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12-13