Christianity is DONE, by Greg Matson

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“And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.  Whoever has the Son has Life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.  I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life”.    1 John 5:11-13                                                                                                                   

I know its human nature to ponder the meaning of one’s life.  When you are very young you may ask questions like “what’s for dinner” or “what are we going to do today?”  Those are the types of things that I focused on, not thinking much into the future.  As I grew older, I began to ponder things like “what will I be when I grow up” and “will Cory go on a date with me on Valentine’s Day” 40 plus years ago?  SHE SAID YES!  Then there were questions about which College to go to and, finally, would Cory marry me?  SHE SAID YES AGAIN!

Eventually I ended up deciding to go to medical school changing my degree from marine biology.  It seemed like my whole life and all my energy were focused in this one direction towards one goal.  I finally made it through the crazy hours of residency being up for 36 hours every other day which seemed like forever.  Cory and I were lucky enough to become parents to 3 wonderful kids and life got busier.  Eventually we moved to Osceola for a job.  I was blessed for 25 years to work at Osceola Medical Center.

Now I am retired and I’m left with the question “what’s next?”  I must admit that I still miss seeing everyone and I remain a little lost, trying to figure out where God has me going next!  Possessing more free time gives one a chance to reflect on life. The one thing I do know – and was faced with it on a daily basis – is that life is short.  What’s next?

Death is inevitable.  Over the 25 years here in Osceola, I unfortunately have lost patients/friends from newborns to those over 100 years old.  Unfortunately, it is part of the human condition which began in the Garden of Eden but was conquered on the cross! 

As Christians we have comfort in knowing that our life here is only temporary but we have an eternal life because God gave us eternal life in his Son.  I read an interesting article recently which was titled “Christianity is DONE”.  I assumed it was an article which would be critical of Christianity but it was stating the obvious about our eternal life and salvation.  It was written by a pastor who has been asked many times “how are you to know that you are saved?”  Getting back to questions, this is the most important question one should ask.  The article pointed out the same thing we hear every Sunday, our salvation isn’t dependent upon what we “DO” but what has been “DONE” for us.  We can rest assured in our salvation and eternal life because of what Jesus our High Priest did once and for all on the cross.  We are asked to believe this and then repent and thereby know that you have eternal life.

The very thought our sins have been covered by the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross should cause us to break out in Praise, Adoration and Worship of our Savior Jesus Christ. “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no man can boast”. (Eph. 2:8-9). 

This is great news but, for many of us, we have loved ones who are rejecting the gift.  We need to continue in prayer for their eyes to be opened, for ears to hear and hearts to be softened to the Good News and to accept the gift given through the ultimate sacrifice.

                                                                                           Blessings, greg


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