Resource Center


The Mission and Purpose

The Resource Center at New Life Christian Community is a trustworthy, accessible, supplementary, discipleship ministry putting tools in the hands of our church body in order to disciple each other.

To be very clear, the Word of God is all we need for life. But we recognize that He has given us other writings in order to aid our study of Him and His Word. We want to utilize and make those tools available to our church body always remembering that Scripture stands above all.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.”

The Resources and Center Information

We will be providing an initial stock of 88 different resources including Bibles, small group studies, books and study aids for children and adults, and music by the artists we already incorporate into our Sunday morning worship. Resources will cover all spiritual maturity levels in order to effectively disciple everyone from the newest of believers on.

The Resource Center will open at 9:00 on Sunday mornings, will be closed during the service, and will reopen at the conclusion of the service. The heart behind this ministry is not to be a distraction during worship and while the Word is being preached but to aid our study of the Word together as a body, in small groups, and during our own personal time.

Resource Highlight

Between 1942 and 1944, during World War II, BBC Director of Religious Broadcasting, Rev. James Welch, invited C.S. Lewis to give a series of radio talks. The transcripts of these broadcasts were first printed in three pamphlets then later compiled (along with some revisions made by Lewis himself) into one book entitled Mere Christianity.

With great humility, good humor, and a matter of fact way of speaking (and, therefore, writing), Lewis takes the reader on a journey starting with “Book 1” which is very simply the foundational understanding of morality and human nature. He then leads the reader into “Book 2”

where he unfolds the beliefs of Christianity. He follows this brief study in a natural progression with “Book 3” by diving into how Christians behave as a result of their beliefs. In closing, Lewis laces “Book 4” with theology (as he “refuses to treat the reader like a child”) and wrestles with the cost of following Christ and the transformation that takes place in following Him.

Mere Christianity “provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.” And in that lies its beauty. Nonbelievers are given a clear look, without denominational bias, into what the essence of the Christian faith is; and believers are given a refreshing, clarifying, and occasionally convicting chance to say “amen and amen” to the raw truths presented.

Steven Urban is just one of many examples of a man who, as an unbeliever, read the work of C.S. Lewis and was compelled to give his life to Christ. In his early walk with the Lord, as he sought to deepen his relationship with Christ, “Steve found a wonderful expression of Romans 1-8 (in Mere Christianity) leading the believer from compatibility to intimacy with Christ.” After he benefited so greatly from this work, Steve noticed how very little material there was to take a reader deeper into the thoughts and writings of C.S. Lewis. So, in his pursuit to remedy that, he wrote the Mere Christianity Study Guide. “This 12-week Bible study digs deep into each chapter and in turn into Lewis’s thoughts. Perfect for small group sessions this interactive workbook includes daily, individual study as well as a complete appendix and commentary to supplement and further clarify certain topics. Multiple week format options are also included.”

If you are interested in putting together a study through this book or find yourself half- convinced of Christ or as though your own intellect is getting in the way of your belief in Him, stop by the Resource Center! We can provide you with both Mere Christianity and the Mere Christianity Study Guide.

“…look for Christ and you will find Him…” – C.S. Lewis