New Life Directory

The Newest edition of the New Life Directory is currently still being published. We hope to have it finished soon.  Until then, feel free to view our old directory.  In order to view the directory online you will need a password (click below).  Please email Pastor Tony at or Pastor Chandler at for the password.

To be forwarded to the directory, please click here

*If you don’t see your picture, or your looking for more contact information, please note that the last few pages of the directory contain the “Contact Info” for both pictured and non-pictured New Life Family.  As the community grows, we realize that we will be unable efficiently update the “Pictures” section of the directory. We will, however be adding new New Life Family to the “Contact Info” at the back of the directory.  Check back monthly as we update that section.  If you would like to be included in the directory please email Pastor Tony or Pastor Chandler with the information that you would like to include.

Thank you New Life for your patience as we seek to make it easier to contact one another! May Christ find His bride engaged in fellowship with one another just as Christ has fellowship with the Father.